If you are scheduled to do any of the following Acolyte, Lector, Usher, or Communion Assistant, we are counting on you to be here. If you are unable to attend, please contact someone to fill in for you and let the church office know so we can update the schedule. Thank you.

Acolyte Schedule

Sunday, February 24th

8:15am - Isabella Tantillo

9:30am - Emily McGinley

11:00am (HC) - Aiden Clarke


Sunday, February 24th

8:15am - Andrew Thorn

9:30am - Vanessa Harris

11:00am - Guy Gourlay

Communion Assistants

Sunday, February 24th

11:00am - Carl Caminske & Gary Hansen


Sunday, February 24th

8:15am - M. Jones, T. Robertson, K. Kienzle

9:30am - McGinley Family

11:00am - G. Gourlay, P. Ochei, D. Ochei